Turn Inward: Lifestyle Brand Focuses on the Connection between Mind, Body and Spirit

Florida native, Kelvin Davis created a lifestyle brand focusing on the connection between mind, body and spirit. Turn Inward is a passion project rooted in finding peace, love and balance. Davis says, “I’ve always been in tune with an inner voice guiding me. My vision has been to help others. Self-awareness is the first step on the spiritual journey. Davis wants to share his mission with the world by reminding others that everything they need to live a fulfilled life begins inside. Turn Inward is about accessing your authentic self and living your best life.



The idea began in childhood, Davis was an outgoing child who wasn’t shy to spread his ideas. “My mother told me that I gave my first sermon when I was five years old on the school bus coming back from a basketball game. Suddenly, I jumped out of my seat, walked down the aisle and preached for thirty minutes straight,” Davis feels inspired to spread his message.

Turn Inward was created to emphasize positivity and mindfulness. It's not just a brand, but a calling. Davis’ faith is a central component of the movement. Raised by a single mother who sacrificed for her children and close with his great grandmother, faith was instilled in him at an early age. Through these two key figures, Davis learned values of integrity, strength and wisdom. “When we strengthen the bond between the mind and body, it translates to overall health and wellness,” Davis says. The motto of Turn Inward is, “Be free. Never have expectations outside of yourself.” Often people become dissatisfied with their lives because they have unreasonable expectations of others that consequently disappoint them. When we remove the expectations that we have on external factors, everything that we receive becomes a gift which brings us joy instead of misery. There is a freedom that is exists in letting go of all the constraints that limit our growth and challenge our progress.

Currently, the Turn Inward active wear brand features men and women’s t-shirts, backpacks, coffee mugs and hats. All merchandise is inscribed with the logo reminding us that happiness is sought when you Turn Inward. Proceeds from products sales go toward programs that align with the brand’s mission of self-love, development, inner peace and assistance to victims of domestic violence.

In the future, Davis plans to incorporate life coaching services that draw upon positivity, peace and wellness. “It’s really about a spiritual awakening.” Stop looking to external forces to seek happiness. You’ll find all of the answers when you Turn Inward.


Website: https://turninwardwear.com/

Instagram: @turninward

Facebook:  @turninward


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